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Aclaramientos dentales o Whiting, en 200. 00 BL de excelente calidad con led lampara, en laincluye maxilar superior e inferior. Menciona que lo leiste aqui . 


Welcome to Dental & Esthetic, Plaza Mallorca, David Panama

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Dr Miriam Rodriquez welcomes you to her clinic in David, Panama. Known locally as the singing Dentist, she is one of the most popular dentists in David and caters to locals and new comers to the area, Do not be surprised to hear her singing as she works on your mouth!

 Dra Miriam dice 'bienvenidos a mi clinica en David Panama" Conocido en David como la Dentista que Canta, ella es una de las dentistas mas populares en todo David. 


We are located in Plaza Mallorca on the Via Rapida in David City Panama call us at (507) 730-2826 or email Dr Miriam at [email protected]