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Root Canal Information

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Especialista en Endodoncia

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Root Canal, in David Panama

Root canal therapy has been practiced ever since 1928 and the success rate has

tremendously increased over the years due to various advancements in the field.

One main reason is the complete understanding of the microbiology involved in the

infection. This has helped us to modify the conventional treatment plans

and effectively combat the microorganisms.


The current clinical practice of endodontic includes the utilization of a variety of new

technological advances and materials ,such as new ENDOVAC device for irrigation of

the disinfectants for killing the powerful bacteria’s located inside the canals during the

cleansing and shaping phase of treatment , wish includes systems of nickel titanium

files , much more flexible , for curves canals and devices for the final filling of the

canals, with heat and continuous wave techniques are incorporated for tridimensional

obturation of the space of the canals. The Apex Foraminal Locator, has been one

of the most important technologies incorporated many years ago, and helps the

endodoncist to localize the final point to work and fill the canals, very precisely. Other devices include

  Digital radiography as well as the   surgical loupes, that allows the dental surgeon  a wider picture of the tooth.  The dental loupe is also excellent for the diagnosis of dental fractures and locating accessory canals,

Ultrasonic is placed in every endodontic practice, and helps in every step of the root canal



The main indications for root canal are irreversible pulpitis (acute tooth pain) and

necrosis of the dental pulp caused by carious processes, tooth cracks or chips, or

dental trauma. Every case  exhibits different symptoms and need to

be treated in different ways , always with the goal, of cleaning and shaping

precisely the canals, for a good obturation with gutta-percha hermetically sealing the canals


In endodontic literature, the so-called success rate of conventional root canal treatment

is reported to range between 80% and 95%, and depends on the initial diagnosis of the


tooth, and of the crown, and fillings or restoration of the tooth. Without a good

crown, post, or resin (depends of the case), and  as soon as possible when the root canal is

finished there will not be a good prognosis.


Retreatments with radiographic abscess are the lower percent (80 %) and vital tooth,

without radiographic evidences of abscess are the higher percentage of success

(95 %).


These advances, in the technological field of the root canal therapy, and in the

understanding of the pathology of the infections in the canals, makes this success rate

higher, and with the interdisciplinary approach in dentistry many teeth that previously  were pulled out,

know can be left  in the mouth, with a very good prognosis. For example, combined

treatments with  periodontics, when it’s required (diagnosed), are possible,

because a good root canal treatment, helps periodontal and bone, heal faster. And with

dental prosthesis, the development of the fiber post, and resin cements with adhesive

properties, prevent leakage, the outcome for the root canal patient is a long lasting fully healed tooth..

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