Dentist in David Panama

Dentist in Panama, save thousands of Dollars!

 Dental & Esthetic in David, Panama under the direction of Dr. Miriam Rodriquez DDS specializes in implants, periodontics, and problems with TMJ. They also do general dentistry, whitening, root canal, Periodontics, wisdom  tooth extractions and more, all done in a lovely office near the center of David Panama. In General her prices are 2/3's or less than what you would pay in the United States. 


 Dental Esthetic is located in Plaza Mallorca on the left side of calle rapida (the one way street with the stop light). If you are at the light, on the one way street, go past the next intersection and you will see Plaza Mallorca on your left. In the following photo, the stop light intersection is at UDI. From this direction, you cannot make a left turn. Coming from the other direction, you can make a right turn.

If you are coming from the Panamerican Highway take the street that goes past Romeros and (the one that is near super 99 called SUR F) take the next possible left after romeros continue till you come to VIA RAPIDA (it is a street that is one way with a lot of traffic normally)  take a left and look for PLAZA MALLORCA on your left dental office is next to the old site of ORGANIC LIFE… 

 Conveniently located in Plaza Mallorca on the via 'rapida', any taxi driver can get you there just say "Plaza Mallorca' it is a small shopping center, that includes a radio station, and a modeling agency among other businesses, Enter the plaza look for us on the right hand side next to the cafe`, you may also email Dr Miriam Directly at or skype celtamimi she may be reached at her office at (507) 730-2826

or on her mobile phone at (507) 6004-0296

Dr Miriam has been an Orthodontist for 17 years in Monterrey Mexico and David Panama. She received her degree From the highly rated UANL (Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon), as a dental surgeon in 1993. She then received a degree in Periodontics from the prestigious UNAM (Universidad Autonoma De Mexico) 2000.

She has a further Diploma in problems of the Temporomandibular joint   from the Universidad Intercontinental in DF, Mexico City, Mexico 2001

Her latest license is for Cosmetic Dentistry from VAMASA a professional studies school in Monterrey Mexico 2003