Dentist in David Panama

Dentist in Panama, save thousands of Dollars!

Price List and services Offered

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Consultation: $ 10 for general dentistry,  $25 for specialist all consultations done with state of the art video camera that allows you to see exactly what the doctor is seeing.

Teeth Whitening $380 top and bottom one hour appointment

Cleaning: normal $55   Deep Cleaning $77 includes diagnosis by gum specialist

Scaling and root planing  $95

x-rays: $7 for each on, entire mouth $80

Superficial Cavity: $25-$37  

Deep Cavity: $37-$105

 Root Canal: $100 per canal

Crown: $400 for porcelain crown or $600 for zirconium crown 

Dental Implant and Crown $1780

Bone Graft per quadrant $580 

Sinus Lift Please contact us for more information

Smile Makeover: Contact us more information